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You can flow text in this center section, and add additional side pieces to make the border as tall as you like.

The center cel directly above this one contains a transparent GIF, 150 pixels wide, at the top to enforce the column spacing.

This text is contained in a table nested within the main table.

This design offers a solution to the problem of flowing text within borders that are closed at the bottom - by not being closed at the bottom. It's likely to be the easiest one for you to adapt to your own use, since all you really need to do is to copy the HTML for the example, flow in your own content, and add vertical border sections to make up the height of the text.

Alignment within the table cels is crucial, but again, just use the example code as your model and you should be fine. A <BR> (line break) tag follows each vertical border section.

The only other thing to bear in mind is that in this example I'm using a transparent GIF file to enforce the column spacing. You'd need to do the same, or something similar, in your own project.

The lower version's table uses a border attribute of 1 to show you the table structure.

Remember to read the Layout Tips.




Copies of the border can be stacked to frame subsections of a page. Just be sure that if you do this, you include enough vertical sections to fully frame your content even if the user's fonts size is very large.

Also you can see here that because the pieces use a transparent background, you can change the color within the border.

Remember to read the Layout Tips.


1. Remember that each of these pieces is downloaded only once by the web browser. That means that there's no additional download time for each of the repeating sections.

2. This border's left open at the bottom, so you don't need to worry so much about the user's font size forcing the design apart. However you should still probably add an extra vertical section below the end of your content to allow for larger font sizes.

3. Be sure that your table sets its border size, cel padding, and cel spacing all to zero - otherwise there will be gaps in the design. On some browsers if these attributes are not set they may default to one, not zero.

4. This design uses a transparent background (the exposed interior is transparent) so you can set the table color to whatever you like, as in the second example.

5. Remember that I've used a transparent GIF file to enforce the column spacing as noted in Example One. This is a handy trick for keeping your alignments the way you want them.

These designs are all copyright Bradley W. Schenck, 1997 & 1998, but may be used without fee by individuals for non-commercial web projects.

If you're building your own web site, and you don't make money from the site, feel free to use these designs. If you are profiting by building a site for someone else, do not. If you are creating your own commercial site, do not.

If you want to use one of these designs as a tattoo, a stationery design for your personal email, or want to make an object for your own use (not for sale) using one of these designs, go ahead.

It is specifically prohibited for anyone other than the artist to include these images in a collection of clip art, whether for profit or not. Got it?

If you use these designs on your web pages, I would be grateful for a credit and, if possible, a link to: